Tom Ford, Web Developer

About Me

I am a developer, a tinkerer of sorts. My interests mainly involve writing code for browsers - and configuring the servers they live on. Based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, I create websites and web applications for clients both local and nationwide. I have an AAS in Web & Graphic Design and over eight years of experience developing projects ranging from: successful eCommerce websites, custom web applications, web and content scrapers, CRM software, and WordPress themes & plugins.

When not gulping down coffee and staring at a text editor, I enjoy spending time racing fixing my Subarus, 3D printing useless plastic paperweights and toys, computers, music, and the great outdoors.


  • Web Development

    PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Angular, Node

  • Sysadmin

    nginx, Apache, Security, Setup, Hosting

  • Design

    Responsive Web Design, Graphics, Branding & Identity


To contact me, please fill out the form below. I return all emails within one business day.